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Chris Plapp, Last modified by Chris Plapp April 27 2017 10:43 AM

General Overview:

The new My Groups section has been completely redesigned and improved.  Groups can be created within the My Learn360 section for any purpose.  Once a group has been created, members can be invited to join the group via email, or by distributing a group code.  All group activity is displayed on the main group page.  Group members can participate in a discussion with each other, view shared folders and complete assignments.


A total count of the groups you have created, or have joined will be displayed on the My Learn360 dashboard page.


Similar to other sections within My Learn360, groups can also be viewed in grid (default), or list view.  Groups cannot be organized into folders.


Creating or Joining a Group:

To create or join a new group, click on the My Groups link from the My Learn360 page.  At the top of the My Groups page will be two buttons.  Clicking on the Create New button will open a new window for creating a brand new group.  Clicking on the Join button will prompt you to enter a group code.


Creating a Group:

The create a new group window contains the following information necessary for group creation:

  1. Group Name (Required) - Enter a name for the new group.
  2. Group Description (Optional) - Enter a description for the new group.
  3. Accessibility (Required) - Select the accessibility level of your group.  Private will exclude your group from searches other people might do for groups to join.  School will set your group to be visible only to others within your same school.  District will make your group visible to anyone at the district level.


Joining a Group:

Currently, the only way to join a group is by using a group code.  You must have a user account to access the My Learn360 section.  Once you are logged in, go to the My Learn360 section and then click on the My Groups section at the bottom.  Click on the Join button and enter the provided code.



My Groups Main Page:

The main My Groups page will list all groups you have created, or have joined.

  1. Groups you have created will be identified with this my group thumbnail.
  2. Groups you have joined will be identified with this group member thumbnail.
  3. Clicking on the group name will redirect you to the main group page.
  4. The description of your group.  Can be edited on the group settings page.
  5. The count of members in a group, not including the owner.
  6. The owner of the group.  If you have joined a group, the name of that person will be displayed here.
  7. The date the group was created or joined.



Viewing /  Using a Group:

Every group is composed of the following main sections.  Group members will not see the Settings tab, only the group owner will have access to that section.

  1. Group Name and description - Can be modified within the Settings tab.
  2. Activity Tab - Displays all group activity, visible to all.  Activity includes members who joined, folders being shared/removed and assignments being assigned/removed.  Every activity line contains the person's profile picture, name, date and what occurred.
  3. Q&A Tab - Carry on a discussion with members of the group using the built in chat feature.
  4. Folders - The group owner can share folders from their own My Folders section with the group.  Group members will be able to see the contents of any shared folder and view those resources within the platform.  The group owner may enable group member folder sharing under the settings tab.  Checking this box will allow any member of the group to share folders as well.
  5. Assignments - The assignments tab will display all assignments for the group owner and only those that are active for group members.
  6. Members - A list of all members in the group.  The group owner can remove members from the group using this tab.
  7. Settings - Modify the group name and description, lock the group to prevent additional people from joining, modify the accessibility level, and delete the group.  This tab automatically saves all changes made.
  8. Group Code and Invite Users - Displays the group join code that can be shared with other to join this group.  The Invite Users button will open a window to enter email addresses and send the group join code.
  9. Open Assignments - The left side of a group displays any open assignments for all group members to view and take.  Only open assignments will be made visible here.  Open assignments are defined as those where the start date has been met and the end date has not been reached yet.  Clicking on the Assignment name will open the assignment in a new browser tab and allow any group members to complete the assignment.  If the group owner clicks on this link, the assignment is opened in edit mode, allowing the owner to modify all aspects of that assignment right from within the group.




Assigning Assignments to a Group:

Assignments can only be assigned to groups.  Before you can assign an assignment, you must first create the assignment using the My Assignments section within My Learn360.  Assignments can have a start and end date, along with specific start and end times.  The group owner may also choose to have the assignment automatically lock when the due date is reached, or leave it open.  Assignments can be locked at any time as well.

  1. Add Assignment button - Click on the button to assign one of your assignments to the group.
  2. Lock Settings - Used in conjunction with existing assignments in a group already.  Click a check box on the left-hand side of the assignment and then the lock settings button to modify lock settings for any number of assignments.  Assignments can never lock, lock when the due date is reached, or be locked at any given time.
  3. Assignment drop-down - Select a preexisting assignment to assign to the group.
  4. Start Date - Select a date from the calendar and a time, in increments of 30 minutes.
  5. End Date - Select a date from the calendar and a time, in increments of 30 minutes.
  6. Lock Assignment by due date - Selecting this option will cause the assignment to lock automatically once the due date is reached.
  7. Assign - Click the assign button to assign the assignment to the group.




Completing an Assignment:

Assignments can only be completed from within a group.  Clicking on the assignment title as a group member will open the assignment in a new browser tab.


The top of the assignment page displays the name of the assignment, who it was assigned by, and the due date/time of the assignment.


The instructions section contains any text based instructions left by the assignment creator.


The Feedback section allows the person completing the assignment to respond to any questions in the instructions section, or simply leave their instructor feedback.


Files to Review on the right-hand side clearly lists all resources to be reviewed.  Icons next to each item indicate if it is a playlist, favorite, saved search, etc.  Clicking on the title of anything in this list will open those resources in a new browser tab to review.


Once you have completed the assignment, click on the Turn In button at the bottom to complete the assignment.  This will increment the count on the assignment so that the creator can clearly see how many more members have yet to complete the assignment.




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