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How to Search by Standards
Heather Gooch March 21 2017 08:48 AM

Searching by Academic Standards is accessible via the Search link on the top of the page.



To get to the Advanced Search page, click the "Advanced Search" link next to the search box. Once you're on the Advanced Search page, there will be a link to access the "Search by Standards" page.


When you get to the "Search by Standards" page, you will see the following three dropdown boxes:

  • State/Organization
  • Subject
  • Grade



You must pick an option from all three dropdowns in order to get results.  If you don't select an option from all three dropdown boxes, a pop-up box will prompt you to finish making your selections before moving forward. Once you have made all three selections, press "Search" and this will take you to your results.


 If you don't see a "Search by Standards" link when you login and you are not an Admin for your account, please Click Here and have your admin follow these steps.






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