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The World Almanac Online Canvas External App Installation
Melissa Gajarsa September 19 2017 10:40 AM

Customers using the Canvas learning management system can embed content from The World Almanac Online directly into their courses.  For more information, please refer to the The World Almanac Online Canvas External App Overview article.


The new app provides rich integration between The World Almanac Online and your Canvas courses.  Users of Canvas will now be able to embed The World Almanac Online resources directly inside their courses, without having to leave the LMS.  This plugin is LTI based and integrates directly into the standard Canvas HTML editor.


Prerequisites for Installing the Canvas External App:


  1. You must have your own instance of Canvas.

  2. You must have an active The World Almanac Online subscription.

  3. Your LTI Access Key and Secret can be obtained from The World Almanac Online support.


 External App Installation:

  • Login to your Canvas instance as an administrator with access to install and configure apps.
  • Select your course and then select the Settings menu.  The app can be added to individual courses, or to all courses in an account. Once configured, you can link to them through course modules and create assignments for assessment tools.
  • From Settings, select the Apps tab at the top.
  • On the Apps tab, enter, "The World Almanac Online" in the Filter by Name search box. 
  • Click on the The World Almanac Online logo.
  • You will go to an app information page. Click the Add App button.

Canvas add app button

  • A pop-out window will appear.  Enter the "Consumer Key" and "Shared Secret" you obtained from support, then click Add App.


You will now see the The World Almanac Online icon in the Canvas editor.

Canvas editor icon



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