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Health Reference Center Schoology LTI App Installation
Melissa Gajarsa, Last modified by Melissa Gajarsa June 07 2017 09:34 AM

Customers using the Schoology learning management system can embed content from Health Reference Center directly into their courses. For more information, please refer to the Health Reference Center Schoology LTI App Overview article.



The new app provides rich integration between Health Reference Center and your Schoology courses. Users of Schoology will now be able to embed Health Reference Center resources directly inside their courses, without having to leave the LMS.


The Health Reference Center app is available for all Schoology users and can be installed for:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Courses:
    • Course Materials Selection
    • Rich Text Editor
    • External Tool

Prerequisites for Installing the App

  • You must have your own instance of Schoology.
  • You must have an active Health Reference Center subscription.
  • Your LTI Access Key and Secret which can be obtained from support.


Installing the Schoology App

  • Login to your Schoology instance as an administrator with access to install and configure apps.
  • Visit the App Center once logged in, or access it directly using this link:
  • Locate the Health Reference Center app and click on it to view the details.
  • Click on the blue Install LTI App button to begin the installation process

  • Next, you will be asked if this should be installed for your entire organization, or just you.  If you would like all of your teachers to have access to the app, select Add to Organization.

  • If you selected Add to Organization, you will redirected to your Organization Apps section to complete the configuration.
  • Before anyone can take advantage of the Health Reference Center app, you must configure it by inserting your provided Key and Secret.
  • Enter both values in appropriate fields shown below and click the Save Settings button.  No custom parameters are used.


  •  After you have configured the App, you will need to install it.

A Note from Schoology:

Configuring the App is not the same as installing it. School Admins have the option to configure the App only, giving their instructors the option to install it individually. To do this, do not check any boxes designating which course or school you want the app installed in after you've clicked the Install App button located in Schoology's App Center.


After you have successfully installed and configured the Health Reference Center app, you will be able to access it and perform a search.  Please consult the Health Reference Center Schoology App Overview article for more information.


If instead you receive an error message stating that your request cannot be validated, please contact our support department.


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